Winter is Here... Protect your Concrete Inside and Out

  • Date: 12-19-2019
  • By: Euclid Chemical

Freezing temperatures have historically stalled construction projects, causing ready-mix concrete plants and trucks to sit idle waiting for better weather. Euclid Chemical has a complete line of accelerating admixture products to aid in placement of concrete in freezing temperatures. Additionally, Euclid Chemical has an extensive line of product solutions  to protect your concrete from de-icing salts and other waterborne contaminants.


Whether you are placing concrete at 50°F or 0°F, your desired plastic and hardened concrete properties can be achieved with the use of accelerating admixtures. Our diverse line of concrete accelerators can meet all of your accelerating needs. ACCELGUARD 90 and ACCELGUARD G3 work exceptionally well in many conditions and temperature ranges, including, but not limited to Freeze Resistant Concrete placement.


EUCON BARACADE WPT is a high performance liquid water repellent admixture used to improve the durability and surface integrity of concrete exposed to harsh weather conditions. By resisting moisture and chloride ion penetration, concrete produced with EUCON BARACADE WPT reduces the potential for scaling, spalling, and other moisture-related degradation. The visual appeal of decorative concrete can also be improved by using EUCON BARACADE WPT to decrease the potential for secondary efflorescence. Unlike topically applied sealers, EUCON BARACADE WPT produces a chemically bonded and insoluble protection mechanism throughout the concrete mix.

Learn more - Eucon Baracade WPT Sell Sheet


Euclid Chemical’s line of penetrating sealers are ideal for protecting your existing concrete from the damaging effects of winter.  These long-lasting products use silane and siloxane product chemistry, and are developed to penetrate into concrete and create a surface that repels both water and salts from de-icing chemicals.  Euclid Chemical has a wide range of options available between our BARACADE, CHEMSTOP, and EUCO-GUARD products, to ensure that we can meet the needs for any project.

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