Hot Weather Concrete

  • Date: 4-19-2018
  • By: Euclid Chemical

Euclid Chemical has revised the Hot Weather Concrete Technical Bulletin to include updates from ACI 305.1-14 (Specification for Hot Weather Concreting). This revision provides recommendations and best practices for concrete placement when environmental conditions can have detrimental impacts on concrete quality.

High temperature placement of concrete can sometimes cause challenging and difficult conditions to ensure that concrete quality and desired properties are maintained. However, it is not just the temperature of the concrete that must be controlled during placement as other factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed and exposure to sunlight can also play a significant role in the hydration process of cement and ultimately alter the physical setting characteristics of the concrete mixture. For an in-depth guide to Hot Weather Concrete, reference our revised Hot Weather Concrete Technical Bulletin.

Euclid Chemical can help protect concrete during hot weather conditions through the use of set-retarding admixtures, fibers, hydration stabilizers, evaporation retarders and curing compounds.

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