Non-Chloride Accelerating and Water Reducing Admixture

ACCELGUARD® G3 is a ready to use accelerating, water reducing liquid admixture for concrete that does not contain calcium chloride or added chloride ions. It increases early strength at low temperatures and is especially effective in extremely cold temperatures as low as 20°F (-7°C) using a cold weather admixture system. ACCELGUARD® G3 also will increase workability of the concrete and reduces bleeding and segregation. This product is compatible with most other admixtures commonly used in conventional concrete although testing is recommended when using in conjunction with admixtures that contain napthalene. ACCELGUARD® G3 is effective in concrete of any temperature, it is particuarly effective in freeze-resistant concrete admixture systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces initial and final set
  • Cuts construction costs
  • Improves workability
  • Improves early age compressive strength


  • Cold weather concrete
  • Structural and plain concrete
  • Precast and post tensioned concrete
  • Architectural concrete
  • Mining and underground concrete
  • Shotcrete Applications

Specifications / Compliances

  • Fully complies with ASTM C 494, Type C and E admixture specifications
  • AASHTO M 194
  • Tested using the specications from ASTM C 1622 for cold weather admixture systems
  • ACI 201, Guide for Durable Concrete, and ACI 302 Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction prohibit the use of chlorides in many types of concrete. ACCELGUARD® G3 may be used in these types of concrete such as: floors over pre-stressed concrete, reinforced concrete in moist environments and/or exposed to chloride deicing salts


ACCELGUARD® G3 is packaged in bulk, 275 gal (1041 L) totes, 55 gal (208 L) drums and 5 gal (18.9 L) pails.