Euclid Chemical Presents Technical Seminars and New Products at World of Concrete

  • Date: 1-27-2020
  • By: Euclid Chemical

World of Concrete 2020 is right around the corner! This year, Euclid Chemical will have four technology seminars hosted by our own Caroline Talbot, Amir Bonakdar, Jennifer Crisman, and Rich Cofoid. These seminars are a great way to stay on top of industry trends and learn about new innovations that could make an impact your day-to-day work flow. Euclid Chemical will also be launching a new product this year - Eucoweld 2.0.

The New Generation of Latex Bonding Agents – Eucoweld 2.0

Eucoweld 2.0 is a brand new liquid latex bonding agent for use with cement-based repair mortars and concrete.  This bonding agent represents a new generation of easy-to-use latex, which exhibits drastically improved performance and stability in comparison to the typical re-wettable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) bonding agents commonly found in the marketplace.  Eucoweld 2.0 is a unique, non-EVA based latex that utilizes reactive chemistry for bonding, rather than depending on the moisture content of repair materials.  Feel confident in your concrete repair bond lines with the help of Eucoweld 2.0 and the benefits it provides:

  • Excellent bond strengths – far superior to those seen with EVA-based products
  • Easy to use – applied to substrates straight from the container, with no dilution or mixing
  • Can be used “wet on wet” – install repair materials immediately after Eucoweld 2.0 application
  • May also be allowed to dry – apply Eucoweld 2.0 up to 7 days prior to repair material installation
  • Eucoweld 2.0 latex technology is not moisture sensitive after application like EVA-based products
  • Very low VOC content – can be used anywhere in North America 

Contact your Euclid Chemical representative and try Eucoweld 2.0 on your next concrete repair project!



Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC): Placement Issues & Applications

Presented by Caroline Talbot, Director of Admixture Marketing, Euclid Chemical

This session will cover raw materials, quality control and aspects of mix design, concrete rheology and admixtures. Expectations, appearance, finish and placement conditions will also be addressed. Different needs for Ready Mix and Precast will be reviewed through specific projects and applications, including the use of integral color for precast SCC.

Additional topics of discussion:

  • Variables to consider that affect SCC placement
  • How altering mix designs will minimize effects of the variables
  • How concrete placement and finish can improve with SCC
  • SCC benefits illustrated through specific projects and applications 

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Design & Construct Enhanced Concrete Floors for Utility, Durability & Service Life

Presented by Amir Bonakdar, National Business Development Manager, Euclid Chemical

NEW for WOC 2020! Intended for engineers and contractors, this course addresses design and construction best practices to enhance and extend the long-term use, durability and service life of concrete floors.

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Becoming Sealer Savvy: Long-Term Concrete Protection & Maintenance

Presented by Jennifer Crisman, Director of Marketing Services, Euclid Chemical

NEW for WOC 2020! Despite its inherent strength and durability, concrete is a porous material with an absorptive surface, making it susceptible to the intrusion of water, chlorides, oils, and other chemicals that can cause. Planning for the long-term protection and maintenance of finished concrete surfaces should be a critical part of any project design and placement process. Since there are as many sealer options as there are concrete mix designs, it can be difficult to select the best product for a particular project. Information provided in this session will explain the different concrete sealer options, pros and cons of each, and provide guidelines for sealer selection.

  • Why sealing concrete is critical to long-term durability
  • Describe the different types of concrete sealers, and how to choose the right one for a project
  • Identify the most common concrete sealer problems, and how to fix and prevent them
  • Provide insight into the latest innovations in concrete sealers

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Architectural Concrete Finishes: Color & Controlled Aggregate Exposure

Presented by Rich Cofoid, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Increte/Euclid Chemical

Exposed aggregate finishes have been around for quite some time but, advancing technology and new techniques have given this decorative finish a surge in popularity. Learn how to capitalize on this booming segment of the decorative concrete market. We will be sharing techniques for consistent results, how to incorporate integral color and discuss a host of new aggregate options that result in true works of art. This session will also cover maintenance, troubleshooting and marketing of exposed aggregate finishes. 

  • Demonstrate confidence in installing exposed aggregate surfaces
  • Outline the differences and advantages when using integral color
  • Identify which levels of ""etch"" to use to achieve best results
  • Outline marketing and sales techniques for exposed aggregate finishes

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When: March 10-14, 2020

South Hall 1 — S62639

Precast Show

When: March 5-7, 2020

Booth 745


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