The Fiber App is Back

  • Date: 4-10-2018
  • By: Euclid Chemical

Euclid Chemical has re-launched FiberCalc , the TUF-STRAND SF Fiber Calculator, as a web-based APP that is now compatible with the recent upgrades to iOS11. The new FiberCalc is available through both the Android and iOS app stores as a native app but also works on all mobile and desktop platforms as a web-based application. The app can be found by simply searching FiberCalc in the app store or by typing into any web browser.

The TUF-STRAND SF Fiber Calculator provides quick calculations for single layer wire mesh and rebar for temperature and shrinkage crack control or flexural moment resistance in floors and walls. A pricing option now exists to calculate the cost to a ready-mix producer or contractor per unit area for using fiber in replacement of conventional steel. Once all the required parameters are entered into the calculator, a quick dosage can be provided on screen.  A new option now exists to generate a PDF report, complete with calculations and results, which can be used for submittal and engineering support. This PDF report can be directly saved or sent by email through your desktop or mobile device to any recipient. Keep in mind, any email sent through the APP will come from EucoFiberCalc.

Whether your on the jobsite, on the move or in the office, the FiberCalc will be readily available at your fingertips.  To make a calculation of your own, visit, and input all required parameters for a horizontal or vertical application.

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