Vandex - Crystalline Waterproofing

  • Date: 8-14-2018
  • By: Euclid Chemical

When it comes to stability and durability, concrete is an excellent building material. However, to ensure a long service life, concrete must be protected against the destructive effects of water. Euclid Chemical’s VANDEX products stop water from penetrating concrete in many applications, from preventing contamination of drinking water processed and stored in concrete tanks, to waterproofing concrete structures below grade, refurbishing and protecting older buildings and producing new concrete that is impermeable to water. VANDEX materials are consistently keeping concrete strong and stable around the world. 


In 1943 a Danish chemist, Lauritz Jensen, patented a revolutionary capillary active crystalline concrete waterproofing method. In 1946, he founded his first company in Denmark and called it VANDEX (loosely translated as “water out”). Owing to its many advantages and distinct benefits, the VANDEX method soon succeeded in the Scandinavian market and subsequently gained ground throughout Europe. In the 1950’s and 60’s, VANDEX penetrated the world market through subsidiaries, licensing and distributorships. The Medina, Ohio based holding company RPM Inc. acquired VANDEX International in 2006. In 2011, RPM Inc. granted Euclid Chemical the manufacturing and distribution rights for select VANDEX products in North America, including EUCON VANDEX AM-10 and VANDEX SUPER.

Eucon Vandex AM-10 is an integral crystalline admixture specifically formulated to interact within concrete’s capillary pore structure to provide a waterproofing system that is a permanent part of the concrete matrix. This NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified product can be used in all aspects of ready-mixed and precast concrete applications.

Eucon Vandex AM-10L is a liquid integral crystalline admixture formulated to interact with concrete capillary pore structures to provide a system that greatly reduces the permeability of concrete through the formation of tiny crystals that block the pores. It can also seal microscopic cracks and can contribute along with other products like sealers to a system that waterproofs a structure. EUCON VANDEX AM-10L can be used in above and below grade applications.

Vandex Super is a NSF/ANSI Standard 61 compliant waterproofing coating that becomes an integral part of concrete through a crystallization process. After application to either the positive or negative side of a concrete substrate, crystal growth begins, blocking the capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks within the concrete to prevent water ingress. In addition to waterproofing, VANDEX SUPER protects concrete substrates against saltwater, wastewater, hard ground water and some chemical solutions.

For more information about these products, reach out to one of our local sales representatives.

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