Don’t Let the Cold Slow Down Production!

  • Date: 11-2-2018
  • By: Ray Fete

The leaves are starting to change color, the weather is getting colder, and concrete is getting tougher and tougher to place.  This means one thing – the beginning of Accelerator Season! Whether you are placing concrete at 50°F or 0°F, your desired plastic and hardened concrete properties can be achieved with the use of accelerating admixtures.

The Euclid Chemical Company offers a diverse line of concrete accelerators that can meet all of your accelerating needs.


ACCELGUARD G3 is the most powerful dose-for-dose accelerator in the Euclid Chemical lineup.  It works exceptionally well in many conditions and temperature ranges, including, but not limited to Freeze Resistant Concrete placement.


ACCELGUARD 90 provides excellent performance for a variety of applications and works well with conventional high range water reducers, such as EUCON 37 and EUCON 1037. ACCELGUARD 90 has decades of field success in freeze resistant concrete. 


This non-chloride accelerator is the work horse of the Euclid Chemical lineup.  It is the perfect product to use when you are looking for anything from a quick bump in early age strengths to a set time decrease when placing or pouring in colder temperatures.  ACCELGUARD NCA works well with all admixture chemistries.


The original non-chloride accelerator, ACCELGUARD 80 can be used at all temperatures, but is particularly effective above 50°F.  This accelerator is great for early strength development and quicker setting characteristics.


ACCELGUARD HE is a chloride based concrete accelerator.  It is a powerful set accelerator that provides optimal early and late age strength development.  This is not recommended for use in the presence of steel reinforcement.

Visit the Set Accelerators page to learn more about each of these admixtures.



Ray Fete is a Concrete Admixture Product Manager for Euclid Chemical. He received his BAS in Engineering Management at Miami University in 2001. He has worked for Euclid Chemical for 6 years and has been in the industry for 17 years in both an admixture product development and technical marketing role. He has experience in both the Ready Mix and Precast arenas, focused on mix design optimization and concrete-admixture interactions. Ray is currently involved with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and the National Precast Concrete Association.

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