High-Flow Epoxy Grout

-FLOWABLE is a three-component, high flow, high strength, expansive epoxy grout designed for large plates and narrow configurations where flowability is critical. Additionally, our patented DL TechnologyTM aggregate greatly reduces the amount of dust released into the environment during mixing and handling.

Features & Benefits

  • DL Technology™ aggregate greatly reduces dust
  • Positive effective bearing
  • High early strengths, fast return to service
  • User friendly placing characteristics
  • Excellent bond, machinery to foundation
  • >95% effective bearing
  • High chemical resistance
  • Clean tools with soap and water


  • Large or wide plates requiring precision grouting
  • Machinery, equipment or structural elements needing maximum bearing support
  • Rail grouting, keyways and inverted baseplates
  • Narrow clearance situations including anchor bolts
  • Precision alignment of generators, compressors, electric motors and pumps


E3-FLOWABLE is packaged in standard 1.5 ft3 (0.042 m3) units. Part A, resin: 22.04 lb (10 kg), Part B, hardener: 5.69 lb (2.29 kg), Part A and Part B are contained in a 5 gallon plastic pail, and Part C, aggregate: 5/30 lb (13.6 kg) bags. May also be ordered as a 4 bag high flow mix, which will yield 1.30 ft3.
E3-FLOWABLE is also packaged in 0.3 ft3 (0.0084 m3) units. Part A, resin: 4.4 lb (2 kg), Part B, hardener: 1.14 lb (0.52 kg), Part C, aggregate: 1/30 lb (13.6 kg) bag. Part A, Part B and Part C are all contained in a 6 gallon plastic pail. A maximum of 6 lbs of aggregate can be removed from this unit to achieve the high flow mix.