Plastol AMP-X3 – Polycarboxylate Admixture

  • Date: 6-12-2018
  • By: Euclid Chemical

PLASTOL AMP-X³ is a unique ASTM C494 Type S admixture with unmatched workability extension compared to other admixtures on the market. It was formulated using an advanced chemistry of time-release polycarboxylate technology and has since been optimized for use in many concrete applications.

Traditional technologies frequently rely on adding water or admixtures to ready mix trucks on site to adjust low slumps when the concrete arrives to the job. This, in turn, can lead to issues with air content, reduced strengths, aggregate segregation and reduced durability. The use of PLASTOL AMP-X³ can benefit companies in concrete production, consistency and placement.

Features and benefits of PLASTOL AMP-X³:

  • Producers and laborers will appreciate longer concrete workability.
  • Allows the producer to be flexible in adjusting slump retention according to environmental conditions, raw materials, temperature, job specification, and transportation time.
  • No added water or on-site admixture dosing is required for slump adjustments.
  • Increased time range of concrete delivery for ready mix producers, allowing them to further expand their business.

Watch this video to see the impact that PLASTOL AMP-X³ has during a workability retention test.


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