New Integral Water Repellent Admixture

  • Date: 3-25-2019
  • By: Ken Sroka

EUCON BARACADE WPT is a high performance, liquid water repellent admixture based on silicone polymer weatherproofing technology. Upon curing, concrete treated with EUCON BARACADE WPT is integrally sealed providing greatly improved weathering resistance, durability, and long-term visual appeal.


Poured in-place and precast concrete products containing EUCON BARACADE WPT will resist moisture, deicing chemicals, and other water borne  contaminants. EUCON BARACADE WPT is a silicone polymer-based emulsion that evenly disperses throughout the concrete. As the concrete sets, the pores and capillaries of treated concrete are lined with water repellent components. This makes the concrete resistant to low-pressure permeability, or moisture “wicking”. When used in air-entrained and properly cured concrete, this reduces the potential for surface scaling, spalling, and other weather-related damage. For decorative, integrally-colored concrete this wetting resistance promotes faster drying. As a result, efflorescence potential is reduced and color vibrancy is better preserved.


EUCON BARACADE WPT provides the following advantages vs. surface-applied penetrating sealers:

  • Protection is in-place when concrete is installed
  • Protection is throughout the mass of the concrete
  • Resists surface and subgrade moisture/contaminants

For more information about this product, visit the product page - EUCON BARACADE WPT



Ken Sroka is the Market Segment Manager for Masonry & Manufactured Concrete Products at Euclid Chemical. He’s a Certified Consultant of Concrete Masonry (NCMA/AIA), a Level 3 Concrete Technologist (NRMCA), and is an active member of the National Concrete Masonry Association, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, American Concrete Institute, and American Society for Testing and Materials. Ken had roles in technical, sales and marketing capacities since 1979 and has been at Euclid Chemical since 2012.  

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