Level Top PC-AGG: Putting the Savings Back in Your Pocket

  • Date: 7-30-2019
  • By: Euclid Chemical

Level Top PC-AGG, our recently-launched self-leveling polishable overlayment, is changing the way the industry approaches flooring for retail and commercial environments. Level Top PC-AGG is able to stand apart through exposed aggregates and with our unique aggregate suspension technology, contractors are able to provide a speckled look to their polished floor without grinding down as far – providing a savings on grinding pads, labor, and time. Contractors are slowly adopting a number of newer construction methods, not only for the cost savings but also to produce the type of flooring that progressive building owners desire.

Traditionally, multi-story buildings with concrete floors are placed and finished to their final thickness and texture in one step. This method requires a costly labor commitment, since ensuring that the concrete is finished smooth and level is a time-consuming process. Alternate methods begin with quick placement of concrete floors, with little concern for producing a level, smooth finish. At a later date, a self-leveling cementitious topping such as Level Top PC-AGG is installed to level the entire floor. Sections of the Level Top floor can now be polished, sealed, stained, or used as an underlayment.  

The Whole Package

Euclid Chemical can provide everything from the base concrete forensic analysis and substrate repair, to the epoxy bonding material, the cementitious overlay, liquid densifier, and the final protective seal coat.  

Our single source approach also makes for an easy single source warranty.

The unique blend of aggregate in Level Top PC-AGG makes the cutting stage of the polishing process faster, and causes less wear on expensive diamond-impregnated grinding pads. We have received feedback from contractors who have in some cases reduced their costs by over $1 per square foot when using Level Top PC-AGG instead of a similar competitive product.

Level Top PC-AGG offers:

  • High flow and self-leveling properties, ensuring quick and simple placement
  • Fast strength gain: can be polished just 24 hours after installation
  • Cutting and polishing Level Top PC-AGG is easier and less abusive to equipment
  • A consistent “polished concrete” look.

Sustainable, Attractive, and Clean

While creative in appearance, polished concrete retains its utilitarian qualities underfoot. Polished concrete floors are lower maintenance, more durable and easier to clean than other flooring options such as carpet, tile, and polymeric coatings. The high coefficient of friction of polished concrete makes it a naturally non-slip surface, and with its seamless, dense finish, polished concrete can reduce mold and allergen concerns. Polished concrete floor toppings have become desirable in contemporary metropolitan settings, especially for commercial, retail and high-end residential floors.

Level Top Project Profiles:

CalTech Halmeetman Student Center

Harbor Freight Floor Resurfacing

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