Extending Joint Spacing for Industrial and Commercial Floors

  • Date: 10-30-2019
  • By: Euclid Chemical

The concrete industry is always advancing. In recent years admixtures have been developed to allow 3D printing, create ultra-high strength concrete, and produce waterproof structures. Even with great technological advancements, the fear of adopting new methods is prevalent in the industry. One recent advancement related to industrial and commercial concrete floors essentially provides a cost-effective, time-saving solution by extending joint spacing. Polycarboxylate and shrinkage compensating admixtures along with fiber reinforcement are able to make the mix design possible for the reduction of conventional jointing practices. Less joints means less saw cuts and joint filler, and less wear and tear on wheel traffic. Euclid Chemical has developed an advanced flooring system specification (752HP Floor System) for commercial and industrial building owners. The 752HP Floor System accelerates construction schedules and saves the contractor and owner both time and money. 

The 752HP Floor System

The 752HP Floor System provides high flexural strength, low shrinkage, and reduced curling through the use of fiber reinforcement and a combination of shrinkage reducing and or compensating admixtures, polycarboxylate, and water-reducing admixtures. Built in accordance with ACI 302 and 360, the 752HP Floor System is designed to provide 750 psi (5.2 MPa) flexural strength, 0.02% concrete shrinkage, 200 psi (1.4 MPa) post crack residual fiber strength, and 50 ft (15 m) joint spacing. By utilizing the products, technical data, specifications, contractor relationships, and laboratories at Euclid Chemical, a successful low shrinkage, high performance, extended joint, fiber-reinforced concrete floor can be built that will provide the owner with lower maintenance and better durability over the expected lifetime.

Shrinkage Reducing and Compensating Admixtures

Conex®, the shrinkage compensating component of the 752HP Floor System, is a Type G powdered admixture used for the compensation and total overall reduction of net shrinkage for concrete. This admixture has no impact on workability, finishing, or setting time making for easy concrete placement compared to other shrinkage compensation technologies.

EUCON™ SRA FLOOR is a ready to use liquid admixture designed to reduce drying shrinkage and the potential for subsequent cracking in concrete. EUCON SRA FLOOR reduces the surface tension of the meniscus formed at the air-water interface in the pores. 

Polycarboxylate Admixtures

The Plastol series of polycarboxylate admixtures are high range water reducers used to place and finish concrete with low water cement ratios which are typical for the 752HP Floor System.

Fiber Reinforcement

Concrete fibers are used as three-dimensional reinforcement to provide the same strength as conventional steel, reduce cracking, and speed up construction time by providing a safer working environment. Dosage rates are calculated to meet the engineered requirements of the floor design.

To learn more about the 752HP Flooring System or to talk to a sales representative, visit our Sales Rep Locator to find a technical sales representative near you. For more information on the 752HP Floor System, click here.

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