Color-Matic Dispensers: Fast, Dependable Color On-Demand

  • Date: 5-21-2019
  • By: Rich Nagler

One of the most popular methods for coloring new concrete is the use of integral color admixtures. These admixtures infuse concrete with attractive, long-lasting, fade resistant color. Innovative concrete contractors often use integral color to produce a backdrop for contrasting accent or antiquing colors, such as pigmented release agents and stains or dyes. This layering of color is what enables concrete to replicate the variegated, multi-tonal appearance of natural materials like stone and wood. 

Euclid Chemical offers integral color admixtures and batching solutions that ensure accuracy, performance, and visually stunning results. Our Color-Matic dispensing units are programmed with highly sophisticated batching software with modern connectivity that enables remote access, on-line training, and live troubleshooting. Our batching software integrates with other industry leading batching software. Combined with Color-CreteTM liquid, granular, and powder pigments, and Euclid Chemical’s commitment to industry-leading service, Color-Matic dispensing systems give you the confidence to produce rich, dependable colored concrete.  



Color-Matic G & G1A - Granular Color Dispensers

The Color-Matic G is available in 1, 5, and 10 yard batching options. These self-contained units accurately weigh pigment granules into a mixing vessel where the pigment is high-shear mixed with water before being pneumatically dispensed into a concrete mixer. The Color-Matic G runs on standard 120 volts, 20-amp power, and only requires a few hours to install. The Color-Matic G was developed by Euclid Chemical engineers for use with bulk Color-CreteTM Colors, providing an industry-leading solution to achieving consistent colored concrete mixes.

The Color-Matic G1A is a 1-yard dispensing system for use in “Dry-Cast” operations where water cannot be used. Granular color is accurately weighed and pneumatically transferred into the mixer. This system can connect to most batching consoles using hard wired contactors to batch continuously during production.

Color-Matic B - Granular Color Bagging Dispenser

The Color-Matic B is a granular color dispensing system designed for distributors to weigh color into a bag or 5 gallon pail. Using our batching software, the user can produce all Euclid Chemical standard integral colors as well as all major color producers’ colors. A label is automatically printed after each batch to adhere to every bag or pail.


Color-Matic I & Color-Matic II - Liquid Pigment Dispensers

The Color-Matic I is a liquid color dispensing system used to batch liquid color into 3.5 or 5 gallon pails. Simple touch screen operation allows users to quickly select the color to be produced. The system weighs the cumulative color into a pail and immediately prints a batch label listing the color information. The Color-Matic II is a liquid color dispensing system with the same features as Color-Matic I, but with an additional option to weigh into a 10-yard mixer. This system also has dual operator interface to allow users to produce batches directly from the batch office into the mixer or from the touch screen computer on the dispenser control panel. For both dispensers, inventory levels are logged after every batch, and a database is used to store batch records.

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