5 New Increte Products

  • Date: 4-4-2018
  • By: Rich Cofoid

Euclid Chemical’s line of Increte decorative concrete products has been expanded to include a polyaspartic floor coating, polymer modified jointing sand, a pigmented quartz aggregate for resinous flooring, and a new line of self-leveling polishable toppings.


ChromaQuartz is a blend of finely graded natural sand, binders, and iron oxide pigments and is a component of the Quartz EP seamless epoxy flooring system. ChromaQuartz aggregate is available in a brilliant array of colors that can be used alone or blended to produce a vast palette of colorful designs.

Polyseal HS is a high solids, two part polysapartic floor coating engineered to have excellent workability and a quick cure time for fast track projects. Crystal clear and UV safe, Polyseal HS will never turn amber or blush. Unlike other polyaspartics on the market, Polyseal HS gives the installer 3 to 4 times longer pot life for easier installation yet allows for foot traffic a couple of hours later. Superior chemical resistance and FDA compliance makes POLYSEAL HS the perfect choice for a multitude of flooring projects.

The Level Top series of self-leveling resurfacing toppings are easy-to-use, single component, and designed for use on new or worn concrete substrates. The Level Top products are cement based and polymer modified, and when mixed with water have a fluid consistency and self-leveling properties. As an overlayment, the high-early strength makes Level Top toppings perfect for rapid turnaround projects. Available in three formulations, there is a Level Top option for many interior flooring needs.

Level Top Stain

Level Top Stain can be integrally colored or stained within hours of placement. Specifically engineered to accept Increte Stain-Crete acid stain or Vibra Stain dyes, this surface may be sealed with solvent or water based acrylics, epoxies, polyaspartics, or urethanes. The base color cures to a light shade making stain colors pop with a vibrancy not found in typical concrete.

Level Top Polish

Level Top Polish is uniquely engineered as a high strength overlay that can be polished 24 hours after placing. It can be integrally colored or tinted with Vibra Stain dye. Stronger than regular concrete, Level Top Polish gives a brilliant, reflective shine when polished.

Level Top PC-Agg

Level Top PC-Agg contains a graded natural aggregate that enables the topping to resemble a polished concrete floor after grinding and polishing. Level Top PC-Agg provides excellent adhesion and durability, and its high early strength enables polishing just 24 hours after placement. When compared to other similar products on the market, Level Top PC-Agg is easier and faster to polish with less wear on pads and equipment, resulting in substantial cost and labor savings. In addition to flooring, Level Top PC-Agg is perfect for polished countertops, tables, and other poured-in-place or precast applications.


Pro Paver Polysand is unique mix of graded sand and polymer used to fill gaps, reduce trip hazards, and securely lock pavers, slabs, or stones in place. Unsightly weed growth and ant infestation is held in check to keep decorative installations looking pristine. Polysand is a low dust and haze resistant formula that is available in seven colors to compliment any placement. Once the units are set in place, simply broom Polysand into joints, compact and dampen. No special equipment is needed. Pro Paver Polysand is part of the Increte line of decorative paver products that also includes sealers and cleaners.



Rich Cofoid is the Senior Marketing & Product Line Manager for Euclid Chemical's decorative line Increte Systems. Rich travels the country and holds training classes for contractors through our national network of distributors. His training sessions include many years at World of Concrete, the Concrete Décor Show, ASCC, ACI, and AIA. 

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