Dural Aqua-Dam 100

DURAL AQUA-DAM 100 is a hydrophobic polyurethane grout packaged in a convenient single cartridge. DURAL AQUA-DAM 100 is injected into concrete and other sound substrates to stop water from entering into occupied or unwanted places. DURAL AQUA-DAM 100 is perfect for small jobs where the use of standard pumping equipment isn’t feasible or possible. DURAL AQUA-DAM 100 forms a water tight seal within the substrate, with very little shrinkage after curing.


  • Tenacious bond to wet and dry substrates 
  • Needs very little water to react and cure
  • Fast reaction time 
  • Remains active when the water subsides
  • Very little shrinkage 
  • Excellent elongation to handle moving cracks and joints


  • Leaking cracks and joints 
  • Mines & tunnels
  • Basement walls 
  • Sewers & manholes
  • Below grade walls subject to high water tables


DURAL AQUA-DAM 100 is packaged in 11 oz. (325 ml) cartridges. 12 to a case.

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