Fiber Reinforced Concrete

TUF-STRAND SF reinforces the floor of the new Cleveland Convention Center

Euclid Chemical works in New York

Euclid Admixtures were used in the foundation of the new WTC1 in New York City

Fast Setting Polymer Concrete Repair

Repair cracks and spalls with Euco QWIKstitch - open to traffic in 30 minutes and polishable in one hour

Infrastructure Projects

Protecting and restoring the nation's infrastructure through innovative materials and design

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Concrete Masonry

Productivity? Density? Durability? Efflorescence control? Water Repellency? HYDRAPEL 2.0 Multi-functional Admixture.  Let us demonstrate what it can do for you!

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Polyurethane Sealants

Eucolastic sealants provide exceptional performance for both horizontal and vertical joint sealing applications.

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Sentinel Anodes

Is corrosion a problem?  Eliminate 1 to 3 repair cycles for all steel reinforced concrete structures with Sentinel Cathodic Protection Anodes.

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