EucoBond LS is a polyurethane foam adhesive that quickly and permanently bonds concrete, masonry, stone, wood, and more.

Sentinel Galvanic Anodes

Mitigate rebar corrosion and extend the service life of new concrete or repairs with self-generating cathodic protection.

High-Range Water Reducers

Euclid Chemical offers an extensive line of High-Range Water Reducers based on the latest chemical innovations in the concrete industry.

Infrastructure Projects

Euclid Chemical Admixture and Construction Products can deliver top performance for your next road and bridge project.

Speed Crete Red Line

Easy to mix and place, Speed Crete Red Line sets fast and can be shaved to match the contour of surrounding concrete.

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GHS Frequently Asked Questions


Euclid Chemical packaging, labels and MSDSs will soon reflect new GHS standards.

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VIDEO: Building Better Structures


Watch Euclid Chemical's new fiber video, "Building Better Structures."


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Traffic Deck Systems


DOT approved Flexolith overlays provide durable, high friction bridge deck surfaces.

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