NEW Application Video for Solvent Based Sealers

Available on YouTube and solvent based cure & seal product pages, this video covers tools required, surface prep, step-by-step application instructions and methods for proper clean up.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

TUF-STRAND SF was used on the composite steel deck for the construction of the new Scottsdale Mercedes Benz dealership.

Euclid Chemical Works Underground

For your next tunnelling project, Euclid Chemical can assist with materials and technical expertise.

Fast Setting Polymer Concrete Repair

Repair cracks and spalls with Euco QWIKstitch - open to traffic in 30 minutes and polishable in one hour

EUCO Diamond Hard

After 25 years on the market, still the most specified densifier for strengthening and protecting concrete floors

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Concrete Masonry

Productivity? Density? Durability? Efflorescence control? Water Repellency? HYDRAPEL 2.0 Multi-functional Admixture.  Let us demonstrate what it can do for you!

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NEW Admixtures: Eucon WRX and Plastol Ultra 209

New Type A and high-range plasticizers for your next concrete application.


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Sentinel Anodes

Is corrosion a problem?  Eliminate 1 to 3 repair cycles for all steel reinforced concrete structures with Sentinel Cathodic Protection Anodes.

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