Integral Waterpeller

INTEGRAL WATERPELLER is a balanced blend of stearate water repellents and other chemicals which, when used as an admixture, forms an internal barrier against water penetration. INTEGRAL WATERPELLER also increases the plasticity of mortar, reduces water absorption and thereby guards against freeze-thaw damage. It is available in powdered form without chlorides or in a liquid formula which contains chlorides for additional densification and acceleration of the mortar or concrete. INTEGRAL WATERPELLER will not increase the air content of mortar or concrete.


  • Reduces moisture absorption as much as 60%
  • Reduces capillary action
  • Reduces vapor transmission through walls and slabs
  • Provides greater workability
  • Does not effect bond strength of mortar


  • Mass concrete
  • Foundation walls
  • Floors
  • Cement stucco
  • Mortar for setting masonry and glass block


INTEGRAL WATERPELLER is approved for use by The Veterans Administration and by The City of Cleveland Board of Building Standards & Appeals.


INTEGRAL WATERPELLER LIQUID is packaged in 55 gal (208 L) drums and 5 gal (18.9 L) pails. INTEGRAL WATERPELLER POWDER is available in 25 lb (11.3 kg) bags.

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