DIAMOND-PLATE is a dry shake, metallic floor hardener with graded, non oxidizing metallic aggregate in a high strength cementitious binder. Designed to be incorporated into fresh concrete slabs, DIAMOND-PLATE provides a dense, tough surface capable of withstanding the abrasion and impact loading seen by floor slabs of numerous industrial and manufacturing facilities. DIAMOND-PLATE has been specially formulated with a non rusting aggregate for increased abrasion resistance in areas subject to frequent moisture or water exposre. DIAMOND-PLATE can also be mixed in a mortar consistency and placed along joints to provide edge reinforcement. Other colors are available in addition to the standard natural color.


  • Provides a high strength wearing surface in areas subject to constant or frequently wet conditions without oxidizing
  • Results in a surface up to 6 times as abrasion resistant over plain cured concrete
  • Metallic aggregate is free of rust, oil, or other contaminants
  • Dense surface resists penetration of oil, grease, and many other liquids
  • Virtually non-dusting in service, easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be applied at coverage rates up to 3.0 lb/ft2 (14.6 kg/m2)
  • Available in 10 standard colors including a natural cement color


  • Industrial floors
  • Loading docks
  • Warehouses
  • Main, high traffic aisleways
  • Processing plants
  • Passenger and freight terminals
  • Towveyors
  • Distribution centers
  • Joint shoulder reinforcement


Canadian Food Inspection Agency


DIAMOND-PLATE is packaged in 50 lb (22.7 kg) bags with polyethylene liners for moisture protection.

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