Industrial Metallic Floor Topping

SUPER EUCO-TOP is an iron aggregate floor topping, combining graded iron aggregate, cement, and chemical agents. The iron aggregate is clean and completely free of oil, grease, and oxidation. SUPER EUCO-TOP affords tremendous resistance to high impact and abrasion conditions. It provides excellent surface durability for critical areas of a floor which cannot be closed to traffic easily or economically.

Features & Benefits

  • High wear, abrasion, and impact resistance
  • High early strength for quick turnaround time
  • Gives up to 8 times the abrasion resistance of plain, cured concrete
  • Iron aggregate is free of rust, oil, and non-ferrous materials
  • Dense surface resists penetration of oil, grease, and many other liquids


  • Waste transfer station tipping floors
  • Industrial floors
  • Maintenance garages for heavy duty equipment
  • Ore transfer areas


SUPER EUCO-TOP is packaged in easy to use 50 lb (22.7 kg) bags with polyethylene liners for moisture protection. Material is shipped on pallets, 64 bags per pallet. Also available in 3300 lb (1497 kg) bulk bags suitable for mixing in ready mix trucks for large topping placements.