High-Strength Shotcrete Mix

EUCO DIAMOND SHOT is a high strength dry shotcrete mix that uses a proprietary technology to offer high early and ultimate strengths. EUCO DIAMOND SHOT can develop 3,500 psi (23 MPa) within two hours, and over 14,000 psi (96.5 MPa) in 28 days. Dust generation and rebound are similar to wet shotcrete mixes. Cohesion of the mix, allows high build and higher shear bond strengths than conventional shotcrete mixes. EUCO DIAMOND SHOT also offers higher resistance to hydrogen sulfide making it ideal for use in municipal wastewater projects.

Features & Benefits

  • Vertical build >9” (225mm) in single pass
  • Overhead build >6” (150mm) in single pass
  • High early strength could allow an extra mining cycle per day
  • High ultimate strength could allow a thinner application
  • Approximately 2 times the abrasion resistance of conventional shotcrete
  • Resistant to hydrogen sulfide
  • Extremely low permeability
  • Rebound is typically < 3%
  • 90% less dust than conventional dry shotcrete


  • Rapid tunnel development
  • Utility structures
  • Mining applications requiring fast cycle times


EUCO DIAMOND SHOT is packaged in 50 lb (22.7 kg) moisture resistant bags and is also available in 3,300 lb (1,500 kg) bulk bags. Yield will vary according to the amount of water added during the shotcreting operation.