Viscosity Enhancing Liquid

EUCO-FILL 60 is a liquid rheology-enhancing admixture that provides improved drainage water reduction from stopes after fill placement. EUCO-FILL 60 is formulated to deliver superior structural strength and offer enhanced placement characteristics to the fill mixture. EUCO-FILL 60 is especially effective for, but not limited to, conventional cemented hydraulic and paste backfills and has shown benefits to cemented aggregate fills.

Features & Benefits

  • • Improved slurry rheology and flow characteristics
  • Increased service life for pipelines and pumps
  • Improved fill strength at reduced cement content
  • Decreased drainage water
  • Improved fines consolidation
  • Reduced fill segregation in stope
  • Improved tonnage throughput and cycle times
  • Reduced self-heating and fire hazard


  • Hydraulic backfill mixes
  • Paste backfill mixes
  • Advanced hydraulic (Gellfill) mixes


EUCO-FILL 60 is available in bulk, 275 gal (1000L) totes and 55 gal (208L) drums.