Foam Transport for Solid Materials

Aerix Industries has made advancements in the transport of solid materials, such as mine tailings or waste crusher sands by using ARX-Transport foam. Traditional material transportation uses water as the transport medium. ARX-Transport technology involves the introduction of foam to replace the water as the main transport medium. This process provides a less expensive, environmentally safe alternative to traditional methods.

Features & Benefits

  • Air weighs less than water, foam uses less energy than water when being used as a transport medium
  • Foam is generated on site, eliminating the need to pump or haul in a water source
  • Foam reduces abrasion on the pipeline due to the lower flow velocity and plug flow pattern
  • ARX-Transport foam is safe for the environment and biodegradable
  • Material particle size can be as large as 3/4”
  • For mining applications it eliminates the need for an impound pond


  • Mining applications
  • Tunneling applications