High Solids Curing and Sealing Compound

COLOR-CRETE CURE AND SEAL is a solvent-based curing and sealing compound specially designed to cure new concrete, assuring cement hydration and strength gain while providing a non-yellowing seal to protect and enhance the appearance of concrete. When dry, COLOR-CRETE CURE AND SEAL has a clear, glossy appearance and will darken concrete, masonry and pavers, giving those surfaces a “wet” look.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows appropriate strength gain of newly placed concrete
  • Provides gloss to the surface
  • Will not yellow when exposed to UV light
  • Available in Clear or in 35 standard Color-crete colors
  • Custom tinting to any color available


  • Exterior concrete surfaces
  • Integrally-colored concrete
  • Walls and columns
  • Parking garages
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Curing and sealing decorative concrete

Specifications / Compliances

  • ASTM C 309, Type 1, Class A & B
  • ASTM C 1315, Type 1, Class A
  • AASHTO Specification M 148, Type 1, Class A & B