PRO-POLISH DENSIFIER PLUS is a water-based, lithium-silicate blend used to harden, seal and dustproof concrete surfaces. PRO-POLISH DENSIFIER PLUS penetrates and chemically reacts within the concrete surface, resulting in concrete that is more durable, easier to clean, and more resistant to damage from water and mild chemicals.

Features & Benefits

  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Eliminates dusting
  • Increases surface strength
  • Ideal for polished concrete
  • Does not wear off or peel
  • Water-based, no VOCs


  • Interior concrete floors
  • Commercial and retail floors
  • Warehouse floors
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution centers
  • Transportation terminals
  • Institutional floors
  • Health-care facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • Mechanical rooms


PRO-POLISH DENSIFIER PLUS is packaged in 5 gal (18.9 L) units.