Colored Dry Shake Surface Hardener

INCRETE COLOR HARDENER is a ready-to-use surface hardener for coloring and hardening freshly poured concrete. It is typically used to provide the base color for stamped concrete. INCRETE COLOR HARDENER is applied as a dry shake over freshly placed concrete in light-industrial, commercial, and residential areas.

Features & Benefits

  • High density, easy-to-clean surface
  • Durable surfaces
  • Uniform and more intensely colored surfaces
  • Wider range of colors (including whites and pastels) than with integral color
  • Available in 35 standard colors. Custom colors are available upon request
  • Light-fast, UV resistant


  • Coloring stamped concrete
  • Coloring and hardening concrete floors subject to high-traffic use
  • Shopping centers, hotels, garages, schools, cafeterias, sidewalks, residences, and anywhere cast-in-place concrete is used
  • Recommended for areas where attractive, uniform color is desired to enhance the appearance of the floor or flat work
  • Use indoors and outdoors

Specifications / Compliances

  • ASTM C 979


INCRETE COLOR HARDENER is packaged in 60 lb (27.2 kg) pails.