Joint Filler Stain Prevention Film

EUCO CLEAN-CUT is a water-based blend of film-forming polymers that prevents staining of concrete due to overfill of epoxy or polyurea joint fillers. When applied to concrete adjacent to floor joints prior to filling, EUCO CLEAN-CUT dries to form a clear, glossy film that seals and protects the surface. After joint filling and shaving, EUCO CLEAN-CUT is easily removed with water. EUCO CLEAN-CUT also acts as a release film, making joint filler shaving operations faster and less labor-intensive.


Features & Benefits

  • Prevents unsightly stains caused by joint material overfill
  • Makes joint filler shaving easier
  • Can be removed from concrete and tools with water
  • Water-based, very low odor formula


  • Concrete construction and control joints
  • Expecially suitable for colored concrete where appearance is critical


EUCO CLEAN-CUT is packaged in 5 gal (18.9 L) pails.