Synthetic Macrofiber

TUF-STRAND SF is a patented polypropylene and polyethylene synthetic macrofiber successfully used to replace steel fibers, welded wire mesh and conventional reinforcing bars in a wide variety of applications. TUF-STRAND SF fibers comply with ASTM C1116, Standard Specification for Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Shotcrete, and are specifically designed to provide equivalent tensile and bending resistance to conventional reinforcement requirements. Concrete reinforced with TUF-STRAND SF will have three-dimensional reinforcing with enhanced flexural toughness, impact and abrasion resistance and will also help mitigate the formation of plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete. Dosage rates will vary depending upon the reinforcing requirements and can range from 3.0 to 20.0 lbs/yd³ (1.8 to 12.0 kg/m³). TUF-STRAND SF synthetic macrofibers comply with the International Code Council (ICC) Acceptance Criteria AC383 for synthetic fibers, are UL certified for composite metal deck construction and are recognized within ACI 360 and IBC 2015 as an alternative reinforcement.

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Features & Benefits

  • Equivalent strengths to WWM and rebar provided by engineering calculations.
  • Controls and mitigates plastic-shrinkage cracking and reduces segregation and bleed water.
  • Provides three-dimensional reinforcement against micro and macro-cracking
  • Reduces equipment wear, fiber rebound and increases build-up thickness compared to steel fibers for shotcrete applications
  • Increases overall durability, fatigue resistance and flexural toughness
  • Reduction of in-place cost versus wire mesh
  • Easily added to concrete mixture at any time prior to placement
  • Applicable for design by ACI 332, ACI 360 and ACI 544
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM C1609, ASTM C1550 and EN 14651
  • Certified for use by UL/ULC for D900 and F900 Series metal deck assemblies as alternate to WWM (CBXQ.R13773)
  • Reduction of carbon footprint (CO₂eq) compared to conventional reinforcement


  • Slabs-on-Ground: Parking lots, sidewalks, distribution centers, warehouses, industries, decorative concrete
  • High performance floors with extended joint spacing
  • Thin walled precast (septic tanks, vaults, walls, etc.)
  • Shotcrete for tunnel linings, pool construction and slope stabilization
  • Whitetoppings, bridge decks and concrete pavements
  • Residential poured and ICF walls
  • Elevated construction, composite metal decks

Specifications / Compliances

  • ASTM C1116
  • ASTM D7508
  • IBC 2015 SDI/ANSI-C1.0
  • ICC AC383 (ESR4072)
  • UL/ULC (CBXQ.R13773)


TUF-STRAND SF fibers are packaged in 3.0 lb (1.36 kg), 4.0 lb (1.81 kg), 5.0 lb (2.27 kg), and 7.5 lb (3.4 kg) water soluble bags.