Integral Water Repellent with Weatherproofing Technology

EUCON BARACADE WPT is a high performance liquid water repellent admixture used to improve the durability and surface integrity of concrete exposed to harsh weather conditions. By resisting moisture and chloride ion penetration, concrete produced with EUCON BARACADE WPT reduces the potential for scaling, spalling, and other moisture-related degradation. The visual appeal of decorative concrete can also be improved by using EUCON BARACADE WPT to decrease the potential for secondary efflorescence. Unlike topically applied sealers, EUCON BARACADE WPT produces a chemically bonded and insoluble protection mechanism throughout the concrete mix. When concrete is produced with EUCON BARACADE WPT, capillary pores become resistant to water penetration making it less susceptible to freeze-thaw and deicing salt related damage as long as the concrete is properly air entrained. EUCON BARACADE WPT contains no added chlorides or chemicals known to promote the corrosion of steel. 

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces the intrusion of water and deicing chemicals into the concrete
  • Increases resistance to weathering
  • Reduces absorption rate and capillary wicking
  • Improves color retention of integrally colored concrete
  • Significantly reduces the potential for efflorescence


  • Driveways, Sidewalks, and Patios
  • Integrally colored decorative concrete
  • Architectural precast concrete
  • Other exterior concrete exposed to freeze-thaw cycles and deicing salts


EUCON BARACADE WPT is available in 275 gal (1041 L) totes, 55 gal (208 L) drums, and 5 gal (18.9) L) pails.