EUCOSHIELD is a ready to use liquid admixture designed for Type IL cements to be used as an integral finishing aid that reduces rapid moisture loss from the concrete surface by binding the internal water in the pore structure. EUCOSHIELD is especially effective when concreting operations must be performed in direct sun, wind, high temperatures, or low relative humidity. EUCOSHIELD also can be used to reduce excessive bleeding and segregation of concrete or mortar. EUCOSHIELD contains no added chlorides or chemicals known to promote the corrosion of steel. Eucoshield is compatible with most other admixtures commonly used in concrete including air entraining admixtures, Polycarboxylate-based HRWR admixtures (super plasticizers), conventional water reducing admixtures, and retarders.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves finishability
  • Controls bleeding
  • Provides thixotropic properties
  • Reduces segregation during pumping


  • Formulated for use with Type IL cements
  • High evaporation rate conditions such as high winds
  • Concrete designs using gap-graded aggregates
  • Lends itself well to manufactured sands without fines
  • Pumping aid
  • Anti-segregation aid for use with lightweight and heavyweight aggregates
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete

Specifications / Compliances

  • ASTM C494 Type S