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Powdered, Water Reducing, Set Retarding Admixture

EUCON RE-DUCE is a powdered, water-reducing and set retarding admixture for concrete and cementitious materials. EUCON RE-DUCE will help achieve improved setting and finishing characteristics, as well as increased compressive strengths. EUCON RE-DUCE does not contain calcium chloride or other potential corrosion-enhancing ingredients.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves finishability
  • Improves workability
  • Reduces water requirement
  • Reduces segregation
  • Compatible with air entraining agents
  • Increases strength at all ages
  • Reduces permeability
  • Reduces cracking
  • Increases durability
  • Non staining


  • Flatwork concrete
  • General ready mix concrete
  • Underground construction
  • Bridge decks
  • Mass concrete
  • Hot weather concrete


EUCON RE-DUCE is packaged in 5 gal. pails containing (20) - 1 lb (0.45 kg) dissolvable bags.