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Powdered Air Entraining Agent

EUCON DURA-PLUS is a powdered air entraining admixture for concrete and cementitious materials. EUCON DURA-PLUS will improve the freeze/thaw durability of concrete and cementitious materials and is compatible with cementitious materials containing other admixtures.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a stable air void system with proper bubble size and spacing. This air void system protects concrete against damage caused by repeated freeze/thaw cycles
  • Improved resistance to de-icing salts and sulfate attack
  • Less mixing water can be used per yard (meter) of concrete and placeability is improved
  • Decreases bleeding and segregation


  • Ready mix concrete
  • Structural concrete
  • Mass concrete construction
  • Exterior concrete
  • Underground construction
  • Architectural concrete
  • Paving concrete


EUCON DURA-PLUS is packaged in 3.5 gal pails containing (25) - 0.5 lb (0.2 kg) dissolvable bags.