Air Entraining Agent For Concrete

AIREX-L is a liquid solution of hydrocarbons used as an air entraining agent for concrete and complies with ASTM C260. When AIREX-L is added to the concrete mix, it produces a system of microscopic air bubbles that remains very stable in the concrete. The entrainment of air with AIREX-L improves ease of placement, workability and durability of the concrete while minimizing bleeding and segregation.

Features & Benefits

  • AIREX-L can be used in all normal density concretes as well as low slump concretes where resistance to cycles of freezing and thawing is required. AIREX-L is specifically designed to facilitate air entrainment of low slump and no slump concrete.


AIREX-L is available in bulk as well as in containers of 1000, 205 or 20 liters.