Euclid Chemical Product Usage Estimator

The Euclid Chemical Product Usage Estimator is a tool for estimating the amount of product required for a particular application. The Product Usage Estimator consists of calculators that are specific to each Euclid Chemicals product. Simply enter in the requested data and an estimate of the amount of the Euclid product required will be calculated.

Keep in mind that these calculators determine quantities for estimating purposes only. Surface texture, porosity, thickness of the applied material, ambient and surface temperatures, and other factors will influence actual material requirements. Estimates that result in too much or too little product being calculated are not the responsibility of Euclid Chemical.

Note: The Product Usage Estimator does not provide an allowance for spillage or waste. It is highly recommended that a sample installation be completed to better determine actual material requirements.

The Euclid Chemical Company is proud to announce the release of EucoCalc - Euclid's mobile product estimator - to the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace!

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