Duralprep A.C.

DURALPREP A.C. is a three-component bonding agent and anti-corrosion coating for reinforcing steel. It is a pre-proportioned kit that contains a water-based epoxy, combined with portland cement that can be used as a bonding agent for placing fresh concrete and repair mortars to existing concrete substrates. DURALPREP A.C. contains a corrosion inhibitor which protects reinforcement when used as an anti-corrosion coating for steel. DURALPREP A.C. has a long open time, is non-flammable, VOC compliant, and does not form a water vapor barrier after cure.


  • Long open time
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor
  • Ease of application (brush/spray)


  • Bonding agent for fresh concrete to existing concrete
  • Concrete repairs with cement or epoxy mortars
  • Anti-corrosion coating for steel reinforcement
  • Exterior or interior
  • On grade or above grade applications


Canadian MTQ


DURALPREP A.C. is packaged in 3.75 gal (14.2 L) kits and 2/1 gal (3.8 L) units/case

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