Level Magic Lightweight

LEVEL MAGIC LIGHT WEIGHT is a cement based, self leveling, high strength underlayment designed for leveling floors. LEVEL MAGIC LIGHT WEIGHT can be feather-edged and has properties similar to that of concrete,but at a much lower load weight. LEVEL MAGIC LIGHT WEIGHT can reduce or minimize trowelling. It requires the addition of only potable water to achieve a fluid consistency and, after curing, produces a smooth, level and hard surface. LEVEL MAGIC LIGHT WEIGHT can be applied in multiple lifts with each lift being no greater than 1 inch (2.5 cm).


  • Can receive floor coverings within 24 hours of installation
  • Compatible with commonly used flooring adhesives


  • Repair, fill, or level surfaces in new construction or restoration
  • Underlayment for structures not designed for much additional load prior to installation of floor coverings


LEVEL MAGIC LIGHTWEIGHT is packaged in 25 lb (11.3 kg) polylined bags

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