Tammsflex NS/Tammsflex SL

TAMMSFLEX NS (non sag) AND TAMMSFLEX SL (flowable)are two part, elastomeric, caulking and sealing compounds.


  • Joint sealant between similar/dissimilar materials
  • Glazing & caulking
  • Resistant to splash & spill contact with jet fuel
  • Perfect for dynamic joints subjected to chemicals
  • Service temperatures from -50°F to 190°F (-45°C to 87°C)


  • TAMMSFLEX NS is a non-sag gun grade sealant designed for use in vertical and non-traffic bearing horizontal joints subject to expansion resulting from temperature changes.
  • TAMMSFLEX NS is used for all normal construction joints such as panel and curtain wall construction, copings, masonry joints, bridge abutments and building joints.
  • TAMMSFLEX NS is formulated for use in joints subject to long term contact with water and may be used in water reservoirs, dams and foundation joints.
  • TAMMSFLEX SL is a flowable, self-leveling, traffic grade sealant designed for horizontal joints in patios, plazas, floors, sidewalks, roadways and other areas exposed to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.


  • ASTM C 920
  • IAPMO/ANSI Standard 61 (Tammsflex NS)


TAMMSFLEX NS and TAMMSFLEX SL are packaged in 1.5 gal (5.68 L) units. TAMMSFLEX PRIMER is a two-part product; Part A and Part B are each packaged in 1 qt (0.95 L) containers.

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