Accelguard® Standard

ACCELGUARD® STANDARD is a chloride based, multi-purpose concrete admixture designed to accelerate the normal setting time of concrete. ACCELGUARD® STANDARD improves the plastic and hardened properties of concrete such as workability, compressive and flexural strengths, and freeze-thaw resistance. ACCELGUARD® STANDARD densifies concrete and reduces its permeability. ACCELGUARD STANDARD is compatible with water reducing agents and air-entraining agents but should be added separately to the concrete mix.


  • Reduces initial set time
  • Cuts construction costs-no cold weather delays
  • Densifies concrete
  • Minimizes bleeding and segregation


  • General purpose ready-mixed concrete
  • Miscellaneous precast concrete
  • Manufactured concrete products


  • Fully complies with ASTM C 494, Type C
  • Fully complies with AASHTO M 194
  • HUD Minimum Property Standards 4901.1 Section 503.2
  • New York Board of Standards and Appeals Calendar No. 714-72SM


ACCELGUARD STANDARD is packaged in bulk, 275 gal (1041 L) totes, 55 gal (208 L) drums and 5 gal (18.9 L) pails.

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